working on…

More today & tonight. I am not happy with it though. I suppose this is what I get for painting from memory…but it isn’t a specific I am looking for, more it’s a feeling. There are lots of special bits though, which can trip me up when I strive to keep them at the expense of the big picture. I took this photo w/ a flash at night…forgive me. 😉

This is what I worked on yesterday.  The first part of painting is a conundrum for me. This is the second go at this canvas. I liked the first thing very much, but it wasn’t enough paint…or it seemed like I couldn’t just leave it on such a big canvas. I might have liked it, but innately I knew it wasn’t remotely done. So then you have to go at it again, which means you cover up some parts that you liked…but when I think on it long enough I start to see what I can do…how to get more layers on it in different ways. Yesterday it was about changing the colors mostly. The face took more shape. I had an idea. But…well the idea is still floating around in my head waiting for the next day. Tomorrow.

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3 Responses to working on…

  1. Lowell says:

    seems like a lot of sadness. but resigned. at peace. accepting.

  2. Hey, where do you do your prints and how much does it cost to do a print of a large canvas piece (like the blue one of with the handprint, the one where you had two prints made of it) I’m just curious. I like your art and your style. It’s vibrant and has lots of energy to it. Keep up the good work.

    • I am sorry that I haven’t kept up with this blog and therefore never answered you. I used to get my prints done locally because I always prefer to buy local if I can. Plus I like the more hands on way of doing things. The shop I used closed though…so then I quit making prints. I might return to it one of these days…it’s a lot of work. Online you can find many places. I have gotten some very nice prints via You might try them or looking them up. Hope that helps.

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